Most Affordable Braces in Bakersfield, CA

Life is too short not to be able to show a smile you are proud of, and many adults are now using new orthodontic techniques to improve theirs. Braces4you offers various dental braces in Bakersfield, CA. Each has a different look, treatment duration, and cost. With our options, you can choose one that best suits your needs and budget.  


Dr. Mendivil applies both interceptive and accelerated orthodontic treatments. The former is intended to influence the jaw or teeth structures while they are still growing, while the latter is for teeth straightening that lasts months instead of years. Contact us to book a consultation or appointment.

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Types of Braces
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Teeth-Straightening Treatments for Adults

Although having a beautiful, healthy smile and a proper bite helps you avoid dental issues, some adults are reluctant to get orthodontic treatments. They think braces are not effective at their age or are embarrassed to be seen wearing them. But our adult patients are pleased to discover that we provide various teeth-straightening treatments designed exclusively for them. These address their particular concerns while correcting their teeth more quickly, subtly, and comfortably.

Types of Dental Braces

We offer various dental braces to straighten teeth for children, teens, and adults. Consider the aesthetics, treatment time, and benefits when choosing one. 

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Advanced clear braces today are just as effective as metal braces. Combined with white wires and clear elastic ties, they are much less visible than metal brackets and are an excellent option for patients that want their braces to be less noticeable. They are also highly stain-resistant and do not discolor like the clear braces of the past. With our selection of clear braces, we can meet each patient’s specific treatment needs. 

Thanks to Invisalign®, many of our patients that have always wanted to straighten their teeth but have never considered using traditional braces can do so happily and comfortably. 

Invisalign® is the clear way to gradually straighten teeth without braces using a series of clear aligners made of lightweight plastic that fit your teeth with ease and comfort. Aligners are detachable; however, they must be worn for 20 to 22 hours daily, excluding when you eat, clean your teeth, floss, or go to special events. A new set of aligners is replaced every two weeks, and an office visit usually takes place every eight weeks. 

Invisalign® is an outstanding alternative to traditional braces for treating patients with orthodontic issues like crowded and widely spaced teeth. Just like any removable orthodontic appliance, the trays must be worn at all times, as prescribed, for the teeth to move. Treatment usually lasts for no more than a year. 

Other Advantages

In addition  to near invisibility, the advantages of Invisalign® include: 

  • The Ability to Be “Braceless” for Significant Occasions (Must Be Worn for at Least 20 Hours per Day) 
  • The Ability to Remove Aligners to Brush and Floss so Oral Hygiene Can Be Maintained 
  • No Restrictions on Eating and Drinking 
  • Fewer Office Visits, Shorter Appointments, and Typically No “Emergency” Visits Compared to Traditional Braces 
  • No Significant Difference in Cost Compared to Traditional Braces 

Applied by an Experienced Orthodontist

Dr. Mendivil has earned the title Invisalign® Premier Provider due to his expertise. He is knowledgeable about the intricacies of the Invisalign® process, having treated and completed treatment for hundreds of patientsthe majority in less than a year. His treatment methods effectiveness is primarily due to his clinical knowledge, experience, and careful patient selection.